Learn yoga at your preferred day and time at your preferred location.   Your yoga classes will be tailored according to your own physical and health condition.  On top of that, your instructor will be able to give you full attention.
Benefits of our Private Classes
  • Flexibility in Day, Time & Location Your classes will be conducted at your preferred day and time at your preferred location.  This gives you more flexibility especially if you have a busy schedule and save you the hassles of spending time to go to visit a yoga studio.
  • Certified Yoga Instructors All our instructors are experienced & graduated from Yoga Teachers Training Programs conducted by schools recognized by the Yoga Alliance.
  • Individual Attention You will have full attention from the instructor.  In a normal group class, due to time constraints the instructor will not be able to give full attention to every student.  With the individual attention, your instructor will be able to correct your alignment, point out your weakness and help you improve on them.
  • Tailored Requirement Your private class will be conducted according to your need and requirement.  Example you might want to focus on certain areas that you are weak in or to help you to go into poses that you are not able to achieve yet.   Or you might want to focus on poses that helps you overcome certain health issues that you would want to focus on.
  • All Ages
  • All Levels
  • All Health Conditions
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Alternatively you can email us at or contact us at +65 90683785