Infinite Yoga & Health Pte Ltd & Yoga Guru only provides referrals to customers for yoga / dance / fitness classes. By engaging Infinite Yoga & Health Pte Ltd & Yoga Guru, you have acknowledged that they have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Payment for the Classes

Your slots will only be reserved for 3 working days upon your registration.  An advance payment for the classes committed would be required before the instructors will be allocated and confirmation of the class. This payment has to be made to Infinite Yoga & Health Pte Ltd either via Internet Banking / ATM Transfer.

Certificate of the Instructors If you would like to verify the certificate of the instructors, please inform us so that we can ask our instructor to bring along their certificates on the first lesson.  However it is your sole responsibility to verify the certificates.

Assigning of Instructors

Instructors are assigned to you based on the following criteria:

  • Venue / Location of the class to be conducted
  • Type of Yoga
  • Day / Time Selected

Minimum Committed Period

You will need to commit for the number of yoga sessions that you had signed up for.

Expiry of the Classes

5 classes package – 6 weeks 10 classes package  – 12 weeks 12 classes package – 15 weeks 15 classes package – 20 weeks 20 classes package – 25 weeks

Make-Up Class

Should you need to change the day / timing of the classes, you may discuss with your instructor directly at least 4 days in advance, however this is subject to the availability of your instructor.  Any changes in the day / timing has to be made known to the instructor at least 4 days in advance, otherwise the class on the schedule day / time will still be chargeable and considered as 1 lesson.  Please also note that the expiry dates of the classes still applies.

Change of Instructors

If you deem the appointed instructor is not suitable, you can request for a change with a valid reason.  However you can only do so before commencement of the 2nd lesson. The 1st lesson remains chargeable.  Infinite Yoga & Health Pte Ltd / Yoga Guru will only approve the request for change if you have a valid reason.

Premature Termination of Classes

There will be no refund of the yoga lessons committed.  However if there are any valid reason, we might consider extending the expiry date of the classes. Emailing, SMS & Phone Calls You agree to Infinite Yoga & Health Pte Ltd and its group of companies to contact you through email, SMS & phone calls regarding your classes, new promotions and new updates.   Should you do not wish to receive new promotions and other updates, please fill in Unsubscribe Form.


Infinite Yoga & Health Pte Ltd & Yoga Guru will not be involved or held liable for any misunderstandings or disagreements arising between you and the instructor.  We can only assure you that we will gather feedback regularly from our students / clients on our instructors.  Should any of our instructors are deemed unsuitable; we will not assign any more lessons to them.   You will not hold Infinite Yoga & Health Pte Ltd & Yoga Guru responsible for any exceptional, indirect or consequential damages that might arise from using our yoga guru websites.  By using our websites, you had agreed to our General Terms & Conditions.